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When you learn mindfulness meditations at AVS, you’ll know how to relax every day, wherever you are, so you can find inner peace and harmony and tap into your highest potential for fulfillment, love, prosperity, and happiness.

You can participate in transformational Group Meditations by attending AVS seminars, which are conducted worldwide, and now by acquiring the new AVS app, which brings the meditations to you so you can participate on your own schedule and make them an everyday part of your life.

When you have the new AVS app, you’ll find it easy to fit your meditations into your life and to track your progress.

With the new AVS app, you’ll be able to share your discovery of AVS mediations for mindfulness with your friends and invite them to participate too.


Now you can study with Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand anytime, anywhere.

The new AVS app is a landmark event that enables you to learn mindfulness with Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand on your schedule, no matter where you’re located. It’s the first time his teachings have been available to those who cannot attend his personal workshops.

Dr. Shivanand has supervised preparation of the app to make certain it reveals the sacred secrets of the ancient Yogi sages to allow you to release stress, enter a state of peace, and make mental shifts that will allow you to live your best life.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of these benefits in the privacy of your own home and whenever you travel.

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Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

Dr. Shivanand is an internationally acclaimed master, educator in the field of integrative cosmic medicine with mastery in the physical and subtle science of health and wellbeing.

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