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Discover how to live your best life with mindfulness meditations conducted by a descendant of the ancient Yogi sages of India.

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AVS Mindfulness brings to the modern world the ideal remedy for the stressful and unhealthy lifestyle many people find themselves caught up in. It’s a remedy of enduring value that can empower you to enjoy a life of tranquil wellness, confident success, and unprecedented happiness. What is it? Mindfulness as practiced by the ancient Yogis of India.

Founder of AVS Mindfulness

Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

Dr. Shivanand is a direct descendant of the ancient Yogi sages and is an internationally acclaimed master educator in Mindfulness.

Dr. Shivanand, who is a direct descendant of the ancient Yogi sages, is an internationally acclaimed master educator in mindfulness, who has dedicated his life to the practice of deep meditations and spiritual austerities. These lifelong practices have enabled him to partake of the many secrets of the ancient sages.

He went on to learn about modern medicine and was awarded an honorary doctor’s degree from a leading medical university. As a result of his study, he came to understand that stress is the primary cause of many physical diseases, as well as many spiritual and mental troubles. He also discovered that, if individuals are simply made aware of the role of stress, they still find it difficult to control, due to behavioral habits developed over many years. By integrating the learning with traditional wisdom, he realized he could help modern people release stress, heal, and achieve their best life.

He determined to share his knowledge for the benefit of humankind and began conducting workshops in 1997. Since then he has traveled to many parts of the world and has conducted hundreds of them.

The ancient Yogis, from whom I am a direct descendant, practiced mindfulness for very high purposes and reached very high states of consciousness. They passed their wisdom on from generation to generation. I understood that their wisdom can change the lives of all who learn it, and so I dedicated myself to passing it on to the modern world through my workshops and through other modern means of education that allow me to help many more people than I can hope to work with in person. – Dr. Shivanand

AVS Global Mentor

Ishan Shivanand

Ishan Shivanand, the son of Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, is himself a descendant of the ancient Yogi sages and carries on the tradition, particularly in working with young people.

Ishan is a writer and philosopher who is engaged in inspiring and motivating not only young people, but people of all ages, and a highly sought-after speaker.

The light of wisdom and compassionate care he brings to young and old alike, along with his generous charity work, has allowed him to help countless people navigate life’s challenges and achieve inner peace and well-being.

Work with youth

Ishan continues his dedication to working with youth worldwide. He recently embarked on a mission to inspire young people to appreciate their potential and to instruct them on ways to achieve it.

He takes an approach informed by the secrets of the ancients and the most recent knowledge of what is required to live your best life. He has taken a special interest in understanding how people who achieve extraordinary success enable their potential.

A motivational speaker

As a celebrated motivational speaker, he is at the forefront of empowering youth around the world to transform themselves and make the planet a better place to live. Through activation of their inner consciousness, he hopes to affect an outer transformation that will lead to “win-win” outcomes, where young people can accomplish their goals while they preserve a sustainable environment.

He has launched many motivational endeavors to enable the capabilities of youth and prepare them for leadership, including enlightening sessions titled The Science of Success, which he presents free of charge.

Need for awakening youth

Appreciating that global youth will one day conduct the affairs of the world, he is dedicated to educating them holistically, so they can release stress, experience inner awakening, enhance their capabilities, and enjoy happy lives while they grow closer to nature and the needs of the environment.

While a great deal of knowledge and spiritual information is available, Ishan’s goal is to present the knowledge in a form that young people can relate to, so they can grow up with the enduring values they need to achieve their greatest potential.

Young but wise

Along with youthful enthusiasm, Ishan possesses wisdom beyond his years due to the rigorous practice of ancient and modern life skills under the expert guidance of his father.


  • Ishan Shivanand has won many awards and recognitions:
  • MGI/RTI Recognition for Youth Empowerment, Govt of Mauritius, 1st April 2016
  • US flag conferred by Honorable US Senator, Mike Fitzpatrick, 16th June 2016
  • Special Citation by Comptroller, Nassau County, New York, 18th June 2016
  • Special commendation by John Cook, Virginia Delegate, 26th June 2016
  • Commendation by House of Delegates John J Bell, 27th June 2016
  • Appreciation Letter, Mayor, City of Columbia, 7th July 2016

Your mind and emotions allow you to create either a masterpiece or nonsense. – Ishan Shivanand

About AVS Mindfulness

Dr. Shivanand believes that life is meant to be led in a relaxed, wisely balanced, fulfilling, and loving way. Yet it is now scientifically established that chronic stress leads to a great many noncommunicable diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, stroke, cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, insomnia, and many more.

In fact, it is estimated that about 90% of all diseases are caused by stress.

The diseases are reported to be the main cause of shorter life spans globally, even in wealthy societies. They also reduce the quality of life – for millions of people. Chronic stress can cause problems in your family life, too, and, since in can degrade your efficiency at work, in can affect your professional life.

Needless to say, the diseases caused by stress also result in a significant increase in healthcare costs.

Obviously, the need for a natural, credible way to release stress and go on to live an enlightened, relaxed, fulfilling, and joyful life has never been greater.

We are not born to suffer but to live the best life we can. With proper guidance, you can regain and recreate your life. Then you can look forward to it with confidence and joy. – Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

A unique opportunity to transform your life with Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand.

At AVS Meditation, you have the wonderful advantage of studying with the founder of AVS, Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand, a world-recognized master teacher of mindfulness, who is descended from the ancient lineage of the Himalayan Yogis and considered a Yogi saint. Dr. Shivanand provides personal guidance on how to live in a state of stress-free knowingness, well-being, achievement, and joy.

Ancient cosmic wisdom enhanced with modern medical science.

Dr. Shivanand integrates the two ways of knowing into a remarkable combination that allows him to achieve unrivaled results.

He understands that stress is a signal that you’re in danger of creating serious, chronic health problems for yourself – a host of noncommunicable diseases. The World Health Organization, or WHO, reports that such symptoms, along with their harmful effects, are rising globally.

The symptoms are many, including worry, anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, lethargy, teeth grinding, chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, panic attacks, irrational fear, muscle aches and pains, frequent colds and infections, loss of sexual desire or ability, low energy, regular upset stomach, nausea, giddiness, and depression.

The modern marvel is that ancient meditation, when practiced correctly, can relieve stress and allow you to go on to live your best life.