Your mind is a powerful force that can be used to push you beyond your fears and breakthrough to a life you truly desire and deserve. It has the ability to combat internal resistance and provide a positive mindset that will help you accomplish any intentions and ambitions you hope to attain. Use the power of your mind and these 4 strategies to mindfully manifest your goals.

Tap into Your Life Vision

“Begin with the end in mind” -Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

In order to set goals, you need to tap into a larger, higher life vision which is essentially the culmination of your accomplished goals. Journal or sit in silence and ask yourself what you would like your life to look like, where do you want to go, what is important to you and why?

Mindfully Manifest Your Goals

It is important to really take the time to determine this vision as it is the foundation for manifesting your goals. In addition, don’t mistake a goal for a life vision (the end result). While “making more money” might be important to you, push beyond that to determine why more money would enhance your life. A life vision is something that already exists within you and that you need to tap into; a goal is simply a milestone to get there.  

Imagine your ideal life; who is with you? What does it feel like? What are you doing? Picture this vision down to minute details like what you are wearing. You want to connect to your vision and have a strong visual to provide a clear life direction and in turn, the goals you need to set to get there.

Set Obtainable Goals

Your life vision essentially shows point B (where you would like to go on the map) in comparison to point A (where you are on the map). However, it doesn’t provide any directions. The next strategy to realize your life vision and to manifest your goals is to actually set those goals that will move you closer to your destination. Each goal you set should be linked to the actualization of your life vision. Stick with a couple goals so that you don’t become overwhelmed and then build upon them to continue your journey towards your final destination.

Goals should be seen as milestones that need to be completed in order to get to point B; while not as inspiring as your life vision, they are essential to ultimately get where you want to go.

Mindfully Manifest Goals

Be Flexible

Unlike your GPS which provides you step by step directions, you need to provide your own directions (via goals) to reach your final destination. You may find that a small back road gets you there a bit faster than the highway or that you need to take a ferry for the final leg of the journey. The point is that you need to be flexible in terms of the goals you set and to realize that the vision you have may itself change. This means that you need to be comfortable in the journey itself and adapting goals as you go should simply become a state of being.

Visualize Your Goals Achieved

Just like your life vision, it is also incredibly powerful to imagine your goals realized. For instance, for those with a fear of public speaking, one of the top strategies to overcome this fear is for them to picture themselves giving a flawless speech to an engrossed audience. Seeing a positive outcome can in turn help manifest and give someone the confidence to turn a goal into a reality. It simply allows our mind to see it is possible.


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