“Acute stress leads to chronic stress, chronic stress leads to negative psychic impressions and negative psychic impressions leads to NDS (non-communicable diseases) and NCD leads to limiting beliefs that in turn prohibits an individual from leading a peaceful life.” ~ Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand

These phrases are used by physicians for improving their patient’s behavior towards their health condition. Clinical outcomes are noted to show measurable improvements once integrative cosmic medicine practices are combined with contemporary medical practices Root cause of all Non communicable diseases (NCD) has been stress. Avdhoot Shivanand has invented and recently introduced AVS Mindfulness course for distressing all global citizens


AVS Mindfulness Seminar Result (Post Seminar Survey)

  • 96% participants found the AVS Mindfulness Meditations to be highly effective !
  • 72% participants dropped their stress levels immediately post the meditation sessions ! 
  • 61% participants claimed to have their stress levels reduced by 76%-100% during seminar !
  • 71% participants claimed to have their sleep improved by 76%-100% during seminar !
  • 58 % participants claimed their productivity increased by 76% – 100% during seminar !