Happiness is not a destination where you need a certain amount of money and resources before you get to actually be happy. Instead, happiness is a day to day state of being and you have the ability to control (and alter) how you feel. You don’t need to wait until you meet or accomplish certain goals, you can be happy right now. You can be happy today.

Sincerely happy people from all walks of life and backgrounds tend to have common habits and traits that they share. If you want to join this club of joy and optimism, practice these 5 habits of truly happy people.

Habits of Truly Happy People

Surround Yourself with Other Happy People

Energy is contagious. Make sure that the people who surround you are inspiring, optimistic and positive. The people that you encounter each day will ultimately rub off on you so those you decide to form relationships with should reflect the type of person you yourself aspire to be.  

It is also important to actually nurture those relationships and invest your time in making sure they thrive. Relationships can naturally deteriorate over time without both participants actively keeping them strong.

Find Beauty in the Small Things

Happy people find the beauty in the small things they encounter each day. Savor a morning snuggle with your child or puppy, truly smell the roses and enjoy an ice cream sundae. Relish all of these small life pleasures. Focusing on seemingly ordinary everyday moments and seeing the beauty in them can help you appreciate the “here and now” moments of your life for an overall positive state of being.


In a busy world where people are riddled with anxiety, meditation gives your mind a break from your daily stresses. Meditation allows you to start your day fresh or hit the pause button so that you can come back refreshed and happy. (Try this 3 minute AVS Meditation by Dr. Avdhoot Shivanand). Make meditation a part of your daily routine; as a consistent practice, meditation has been shown to rewire your brain to have more optimistic and bright thoughts.

Habits of Truly Happy People

Let Go

Holding on to guilt or anger will make anyone miserable. While those emotions are very strong, it is so important to release them from your body. It is important to not focus on actions (and people) outside of your control; free yourself from resentment, rage, regret and “don’t sweat the small stuff” by letting go of small indiscretions. Meditation can also be an important tool to help you overcome these often deep-seated emotions.

Go Outside (and Exercise!)

We’re killing two birds with one stone with this habit. Both being in nature and exercise are linked to happier people so hop on a kayak or go for a hike to really reach your happiness goals. Being in nature allows you to have a broader perspective on your place in a much wider world, while exercise release endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body. Nature + Exercise = the perfect combination.

What habits help you feel your happiest? Comment below!