Fact: people who practice a daily routine are more likely to achieve their goals. And those who regularly practice self-care are more likely to be happy and stress-free. Set yourself up for success every day by integrating these simple self-care practices into your morning routine.

11 Self-Care Practices for the Morning

Amplify Your Morning Routine with These Self-Care Practices

1. Rise and boogie! An easy way to infuse a little joy into your morning is to wake up to a great song. Instead of the standard alarm sound, program your phone to play a fun, upbeat song that you love. It’s an easy way to start your day with a rush of endorphins. Have fun dancing your way into the shower!

2. Turn your bathroom into a spa. Use an oil diffuser or a scented candle to infuse your bathroom with the soothing scent of eucalyptus or the energizing scent of citrus. These spalike scents will transport you to a luxurious spa. Maximize the effect with a fluffy robe or fuzzy slippers!

3. Exfoliate, cleanse, or condition. Pick an “extra” personal care ritual for each weekday. Maybe you put on a 5-minute mask, give your feet some extra love, or deep-condition your hair. Giving your body a little extra attention every morning will leave you feeling more confident before you even dress for work.

4. Fancy coffee. Treat yourself to some fancy coffee (or tea!) at home. Pick up a great blend, dress it up with a flavored creamer, and have that “Starbucks” feeling in your own kitchen. Turning your daily pick-me-up into a treat gives you one more thing to look forward to when you get out of bed each morning.

5. Wake up to breakfast. There are plenty of slow-cooker, crock pot, and “overnight” breakfast recipes floating around online. Prep your breakfast the night before and treat yourself to a satisfying meal before you start your day. Your groggy morning self will want to hug your forward-thinking evening self!

Best Self-Care Practices for Your Morning Routine

Off-screen reading is better for your eyes, engages the mind, and doesn’t come with interruptions like ads, emails, messages, or phone calls.

6. Enjoy reading, analog style. Read the paper. Read a magazine. Read one chapter of a book. Read anything that interests you, entertains you, or educates you — but not on a screen. Off-screen reading is better for your eyes, engages the mind, and doesn’t come with interruptions like ads, emails, messages, or phone calls.

7. Stretch the tension away. A little yoga never hurt anyone! There are so many yoga tutorials available on YouTube and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can find quick 5- and 10-minute routines to stretch out yesterday’s tension and get your blood flowing for a new day.

8. Go for a walk. Before work, take just ten minutes to go for a stroll outdoors. Spending time outside is a great way to clear your mind before you start your day. In fact, taking a walk in nature has many of the same health benefits of mindfulness meditation.

9. Schedule time for a snuggle. If you have a pet like a dog or a (willing) cat, schedule five minutes of cuddle time before you start your day. You can also snuggle with your kiddos or partner. Hugging reduces stress and gives us an instant boost of happiness. If you’re flying solo, give yourself a “hug” with your knees to your chest. The compression will lower your blood pressure and regulate your breathing!

10. Make a smoothie to go. No time for breakfast? No problem. Search for some fun and healthful smoothie recipes to try. You’ll find that with little to no effort, you can make a “shop quality” health beverage at home. You’ll feel great about giving your body a tasty nutrient boost!

11. Take just three minutes to meditate. That’s right, in just three minutes you can reap the benefits of meditation including reduced stress, an enhanced immune system, and razor-sharp focus. Check out this super simple 3-minute guided meditation to start!

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